Beer 65/365 – Hacker Pschorr Sternweisse

Style: Hefeweizen

Purchased at: Vintage Estate – Boardman, OH

What makes this beer different: Smells Sour, tastes awesome

Will I be drinking this again:Not sure how hard it is to find but if I can then YES.

Grade: A-

1/12/2010: Yet another A- or better, well don’t worry because the one coming up tomorrow was very ‘meh.’ This is my first hefeweizen so far, hard to believe because its one of my favorite styles. I think its because during the winter I tend to lean towards drinking heavy beers to add to my natural winter coat.

The born on date of this beer was 03/08, which I failed to see before I bought it. As I expected when I opened it I noticed a pretty funky skunky sour smell, but surprisingly the taste wasn’t stale at all. This had a very nice sweet malty taste for a wheat beer, with come clove and a little banana thrown in, also a bit tart. As you can see the color is darker than your normal hefe, and the mouthfeel was a bit heavier as well. Very nice refreshing beer, I would like to have tried this one a bit fresher but was still very good.

Going to try something new. I will be adding a link to a funny picture at the bottom of all of my reviews, why? Because laughing is good medicine damnit that’s why.

Funny Picture of the day: Apparently this guy has time traveling sperm.

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  1. You may know about these already but if not check these out:

    Those are my favorite funny sites.

    • Nice thanks Charlie.. I have not heard of the, very cool.

      Check out, and

      • The People of Walmart page is hilarious, thanks.

      • Here’s another good one if you haven’t seen it:

        • Thanks Charlie. For whatever reason it flagged your comment as spam so I didn’t get this until just now.

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