Beer 60/365 – Three Floyds Black Sun Stout

Style: Irish Dry Stout

Purchased at: Armanetti’s Wine and Beer – Chicago IL

What makes this beer different: PERFECT marriage of chocolate and hops

Will I be drinking this again: If I get lucky enough to find another one

Grade: A+

1/07/2010: I was going to make a reference to Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden, but this beer is way to good to get off topic with.

First off as a web/graphic designer I really appreciate the original artwork three floyd’s uses on their labels. This one is very cool also with a maniacal looking sun. You might not be able to read it but it says “IT’S NOT NORMAL” on the label, that statement could not be more accurate. I am a big fan off beers that break the mold, and have very different flavor profiles that is usually associated with the style.

This is my first experience with any type of Three Floyd’s beer and I just have to say this beer blew my mind. Admittedly I love stouts so my opinion might be a tiny bit skewed, but I think any of you that have had it can agree that its amazing. I shared this one with the girlfriend, and it was odd because the first pint glass poured out dark dark brown almost black, while the second one poured out more brown and chocolate looking. It also had come really funky chunks of yeast floating around that eventually dissipated. The smell of both were citrus/pine hops, with the some bakers chocolate. The taste of this is unreal considering how light of a beer it is (slightly heavier than Guinness, a typical Irish Dry Stout). It is a perfect mix of citrus/pine hops, and malty roasted bittersweet chocolate. It was odd though because my pint was slightly edged out with hop taste, while the second pint my girlfriend was drinking (from the bottom half of the bottle) was more on the chocolate side, but both were excellent. I gave this an A+ because it amazes me that they could pack this much flavor in a beer with this light of a mouth-feel.

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