Beer 56 – Goose Island Smoked Dunkelweizenbock

Extra picture HERE

Style: Weizenbock

Purchased at: Goose Island Clybourn

What makes this beer different: Mmmmm liquid bacon

Will I be drinking this again: It’s pretty rare so probably not (but I would)

Grade: A-

1/03/2010: Drank this one while at the pub in Chicago this past weekend. Very cool little set-up, but the bar was impossible to find even with a navigation. Either way we made it in and I always try to get something you cannot get bottled, and a dunkelweizenbock looked like it fit the bill. Plus I’m not sure I have ever had a beer served in a goblet that I didn’t like.

You know how your house smells like bacon even an hour after you cook it? Well this is what this beer smelled like. Its like liquid BBQ, but it wasn’t over powering. The first few sips were pretty intense smoked pork type flavor, but about halfway down you started to really get a nice caramel aftertaste. Almost like a Honey Baked Ham. For those of you who have never tried a smoked beer like this it might sound nasty, but trust me it was damn good. Especially if you are a meat eater and not a PETA prick. I swear they are the worst group of people ever to form in human history. Anyways in closing, for some reason the mouthfeel of this one almost reminded me of a Belgian, possibly a bit of belgian yeast was thrown in?

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  1. […] menu relatively quick. I love smoked beers so I went for the Smoked Dunkelweizenbock (Full review Here), and the lady friend ordered a dopplebock. The weizenbock was for sure one of the better smoked […]

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