Beer 49 – Miller Lite

Style: Light Lager

Purchased at: Nowhere, had it at a tailgate.

What makes this beer different: Distinct urine taste

Will I be drinking this again: Yes only because it seems to be the beer of choice at tailgates

Grade: C-

12/27/2009: This beer is unique because it is made from human pee that is collected from the bottom of restroom troughs at your local sporting event, and then fermented with the finest urinal cakes money cannot buy.

Okay seriously Miller Lite on a “beer snob” scale is terrible, but of the three major light beers (Coors and Bud being the others) I would have to say this one is my beer of choice. This is only because it actually has SOME flavor; albeit a less than average flavor. Bud and Coors light both just taste like water to me. I mindlessly drink these and can take down a half dozen or so in no time because I seriously feel as if I am drinking stale vitamin water.

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