Beer 37 – Trappistes Rochefort 8

Style: Belgian Dark Ale

Purchased at: Vintage Estate

What makes this beer different: Its the only beer that is the best beer ever.

Will I be drinking this again: Absotively

Grade: A+

12/15/2009: The brewery at Rochefort has been brewing beer since 1595. Plenty of time for them to perfect their recipes. The three recipes they have, 6, 8 and 10 are each aged for 6, 8, and 10 weeks respectively. Another funny thing is that the monks actually used the beer as their primary source of nutrients through the years. Father Antoine (former head brewer) said “Without the nutrients in our beer, we would have died.” Pretty intense.

Let me start by saying this is my favorite beer of all time. I really can’t put into words specifically why I like it so much… I just do. It might be because there’s about 9827 flavors going on at once. This beer is very sweet, but has a bit of an alcohol bite. Most Belgian beers almost hide the alcohol too well. Sometimes I like knowing that I am drinking an alcoholic beverage and not a malty fruit wine. If you have never drank a Belgian beer, you need to give this on a shot.

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  1. Belgian Beer Shimper here. Enjoy the 10. Its rich and you will love it, but it just isnt as accomplised as the 8.

    I havent had any exposure to the American Craft brewing, but by reading your blog I am becoming very impressed with whats around. There seems to be this reputation of the American beer scene around the world, that it is just Budweiser and that, but you lot need to shout about it more. I cant wait to try to some when I have finished my 1000 Belgians !

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  3. Hey, I had this one tonight!

    I made sure to drink it in a chalice like you said, I don’t know what difference it makes since I don’t understand different glassware, but anyway.

    I really liked it, like you said, sweet, fruity, strong.

    I gave my brother a bit and he said it was awesome, he doesn’t drink much beer except for Crown or just cheap stuff, and he said he could absolutely tell the difference in the effort put in, the texture, all that.

    But yeah, thanks for the recommendation. I’ve finished the 6 pack of special beer, so I’ll likely be getting another lot at some point.

    • Awesome man glad you liked it. I want to get a whole case of it to age it,

      The reason you use a chalice is you want there to be more surface area for the beer to accumulate “head” .. Belgian beers are known for their mouthfeel and the thick head they build up, it really adds to the beer overall.

      If you need anymore suggestions in the future feel free to ask Tom!

      • I’ll ask you for some suggestions in a week or so, I won’t be buying another batch for a few weeks.

        I liked the Belgians though, I had a bit more trouble with the stouts because I didn’t expect the bitterness, I think I’ll need to work more slowly into appreciating those. I liked the Wheat Beer and the Pilsner.

        I’m thinking I want to try a milk stout or a sweet stout to see what they’re like. I’ll let you know soon though.

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