Beer 35 – Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout

Style: American Stout

Purchased at: Vintage Estate

What makes this beer different: Smooth Coffee Flavor

Will I be drinking this again: A bit pricey but this was damn good

Grade: A-

12/13/2009: Oh Herro! Hitachino is brewed by Kim Jong-il at Kiuchi Brewery. Hans Brix was nice enough to penetrate the North Korean border and embezzle all of Kim’s Hitachino stash and bring it to the states. What a patriot. Okay its obviously not brewed by Kim Jong-il. Its brewed in Japan at Kiuchi Brewery, and its damn good.

The price of admission was 5 dollars for this chubby little bottle, but I heard and read good things about it so I decided to give it a shot. As you can see by the picture above the head on this stuff was amazing. There was a lot of coffee flavor, but it was a much smoother than the slightly bitter coffee taste usually associated with most American Coffee Stouts. It also was very creamy and almost had a milk stout quality to it. Everyone should try this one at least once as it was probably the smoothest coffee stout I have ever tasted.

Have you had a Coffee Stout that you think is better? Comment below and let me know so I can try it!

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  1. Drew-

    They don’t bottle, but you should grad a growler at East End. They have some very nice beers.

  2. Yeti Expresso Stout is a solid choice, although pretty damn heavy. If you want to count Cofee Porters- BBC Coffeehouse Porter is a super drinkable and flavorful choice if you’re in the mood for something a little lighter…

    • I wish I could find it here in Pennsylvania… My buddy is bringing me back an Oak aged Yeti, but cannot find the espresso or chocolate one anywhere

  3. If Kim Jong-il comes to get his beer back, rerease the panthers!

    • hahah nice, i’m glad there are beer lovers out there who also like south park.

  4. Ever try Speedway Stout from Alesmith? I think that would be the best coffee stout out there.


    • Yup sure have! I reviewed it on the last page of the site… I loved it but for some reason I don’t quite consider it a coffee stout… I guess because the coffee just didnt jump out at me

      • Odd, must have missed it when I was glancing over your reviews, but I see it now.
        I live right by Alesmith, and on their board of what they have on tap for growler fills, it always says, “Speedway Stout – brewed with Ryan Bros. coffee beans.”

        So, to me, they pride themselves on the coffee flavor of it.

        Good times!

        • Lucky! You probably are able to get your hands on barrel aged speedway then.. I would love to give that a try. I just picked up 4 big bottles of the regular speedway to age for a year or two. Once I try another one I am going to pay attention to the coffee flavor. I think I was just so overwhelmed by how thick it was that I didn’t really take notice to the specific flavors.

          • I split a bottle with my cousin recently, and noticed less coffee then when I had it on tap. Weird.

            BA Speedway is brewery only release as far as bottles go. It’s not just sitting on the shelves. But the next time it is released, I will definitely be getting some. I missed out on the past couple opportunities. I just wasn’t into paying $20 a bottle for beer. That’s changed in the past 6 months.

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