Beer 33 – Breckenridge Christmas Ale

Style: Winter Warmer

Purchased at: Vintage Estate

What makes this beer different: Tamed version of Sierra Nevada Celebration

Will I be drinking this again: Maybe

Grade: B

12/11/2009: This beer probably has one of the cooler looking labels for a Winter Warmer, very Christmasy. Colorado has a ton of good breweries, and Breckenridge is another example of that. Their vanilla porter is probably one of my favorite vanilla beers.

This beer actually reminded me A LOT of Sierra Nevada celebration ale. The only difference is the Breckenridge is a little less flavorful all around compared to the Sierra. Hops are much less intense, and the malt isn’t quite as sweet. I see it like the Sierra being a Lexus, and the Breckenridge a Toyota; both good cars but you would probably rather drive the Lexus right?

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