Beer 18 – Westmalle Trappist Tripel

Style: Belgian Tripel

Purchased at: Vintage Estate

What makes this beer different: Tart flavor

Will I be drinking this again: Yes

Grade: A+

11/27/09: The Belgians are undoubtedly the end all be all when it comes to brewing good beer. This beer is just another example of that. This beer has incredible head (the foam that collects on the top of the beer you perverts), and has an amazing mouthfeel (The consistency/carbonation of the beer in your mouth… pervs). These two things are typical with Belgian brew, but the taste is whats just so different about these beers. This one has a slightly tart flavor to start, with a peppery malt behind it. I am usually bad at picking out specifics in Belgian beers, but lets just say this one is a must try. I have a hard time seeing anyone who likes ANY kind of beer, disliking this one.

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  1. Ok…I will take my hat off and acknowledge I am wrong (about

    THIS IS A CRACKING BEER. Nothing else to stay (other than it needs to be pored carefuly as the sediment can destroy this beer as I found out to my drunken mis-fortune).


  2. Hello,
    Great blog! I must admit the Triple Westmalle is my favorite Belgian beer (second comes Orval).
    Keep up the good job!

    • Thanks Doron!

      I actually have an Orval waiting to be drunkeneded in my kitchen. Will be my first time trying it.

  3. I found this beer to be just ok…it really finished too dry and left me with the feeling/taste that I had just sipped a cheap white wine. And I’m a huge Belgian Tripel fan! Call me crazy.

    • I can see that, I think since it was a little different is why I liked it so much. Whats your favorite tripel? Looking for suggestions

      So far St Bernardus is mine.

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